Workshop II: Phosphorus recovery - challenges and perspectives in V4
6-05-2022, 10:00-12:30

It is the Transfer of Knowledge Workshop. The invited Experts from other countries will present the already implemented technologies for P recovery from waste and fertilizer production in their countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, etc). Workshop will include the session presenting the inventory of technologies developed (or under development in V4) which have the chance to be implemented on industrial scale in V4 but they show some obstacles (financial, legal, environmental). The discussion on the challenges and perspectives of the implementation of P recovery technologies in V4 will be moderated by the Experts. Moreover, the possible commercialization methods will be presented, including the economic, social and environmental benefits. The most important added value of the P recovery is substitution of primary sources of P by recovered P from waste and thus reduction of dependence of P imports from Russia, China, Morocco, Senegal and other non-EU countries. Workshop will be chance to increase the knowledge on the P recovery technologies and their implementation in V4 countries. In the case of pandemic or other threats of the 21st century, it can help to maintain the continuity of agricultural production, and thus secure food production.

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