Technical University of Kosice

Assoc. prof. Zuzana ŠIMKOVÁ , MSc., Ph.D., ING-PAED IGIP – Associate Professor at the Institute of Earth Resources at the Faculty of Mining, Ecology, Process Control and Geotechnologies at Technical University of Košice (Slovakia). Within her habilitation thesis she solved the issue of raw materials policy in Slovakia in the context of the circular economy. In her professional activities deals with the issue of Circular Economy as well as economics of earth resources, within which she prepares and implements education and training of professional subjects: Evaluation of mineral deposits, Efficiency of investments in the process of evaluing earth resources, Strategic management of earth resources. The publishing activity represents more than 70 outputs (scientific and conference articles, skripts, monographs). Within the framework of international projects, she has experience in submitting and project management of the H2020 and EIT Raw Materials type, within which she led her own educational project concerning the circular economy and participates in the H2020 project under the name MIREU. She is also a participant in the first Green Circular Academy in Slovakia under the leadership of the Institute of Circular Economics.