Dear Colleagues, 

We cordially invite you to participate in the International Conference - Phosphorus Raw Materials in Visegrad Countries - Building V4's resilience in post-COVID period, which is a summary of the project entitled "How to stay alive in V4? Phosphorus Friends Club builds V4's resilience" (acronym: PhosV4), which financed by International Visegrad Fund. The aims of the project are to increase knowledge and awareness of importance of phosphorus (P) raw materials for food production in Visegrad Group and build P management strategy in V4 to secure enough P for food production.

The Conference will be held on 24th of April 2024 as a hybrid event (on-site and online).

The most important objective of the Conference is to present the issue of P scarcity in V4 and ways to prevent the insufficient amount of P in V4’economy (and thus no possibility of producing food in V4) by innovative solutions (technological, environmental, economic, and social) that can be implemented under the Circular Economy and Green Deal Strategies.

We invite you to submit presentations addressing the issues of P management in various areas, without limiting them to the Visegrad Group countries, but instead encompassing all aspects related to P raw materials. The Conference program includes both oral and poster presentations in the English language. Submitted abstracts will included in the Conference materials.

Participation in the Conference is free of charge.

The PhosV4 project is a member of European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform.

April 24, 2024 | 9:00-16:15 CET

Morning coffee & Registration

Poster session
(sightseeing the Bielany Water Treatment Plant at the same time - 2 groups)

Gnida  Anna,  Dorota Marciocha, Joanna Surmacz-Górska, Silesian University of Technology, Poland; Monika Żubrowska-Sudoł, Katarzyna Sytek-Szmeichel, Jolanta Podedworna, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland
Influence of Oxygen Concentration on Biocenosis in Denitrifying Dephosphatation: A Case Study of IFAS-MBSBBR

Bartosz Łuszczek, Dominika Poproch, Krakow Water, Poland & Cracow University of Technology, Poland; Ewelina Chrapusta-Srebrny, Katarzyna Biernat-Rosa, Krakow Water, Poland
The Possibilities of Recovering Phosphorus From Sewage Sludge and Leachate From Sludge Dewatering

Anna Podlasek, Eugeniusz Koda, Magdalena Daria Vaverková, Aleksandra Jakimiuk, Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland
Nutrient Dynamics at Municipal Solid Waste Landfills: Current State of Knowledge and Selected Case Studies

Katarzyna Sala, Magdalena Bańkosz, Bożena Tyliszczak, Cracow University of Technology, Poland
The Role of Phosphorus in the Synthesis and Functionalization of Organic Compounds

Karolina Sulima, Krzysztof Chyła, Silesian University of Technology, Poland
The Influence of Phosphorus on the Strength of Low-emission Steels in the Automotive and Aviation Industries

Coffee break

Session I

Marzena Smol, Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland
Phosphorus Raw Materials in V4 country – PhosV4 Project

Petro Kapustenko, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic
Phosphorus Raw Materials in Czech Republic

Partner, Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research, Hungary
Phosphorus Raw Materials in Hungary

Marzena Smol, Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland
Phosphorus Raw Materials in Poland 

Tomáš Bakalár, Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia
Phosphorus Raw Materials in Slovakia

Paulina Marcinek, Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland
Presenting Roadmap for Sustainable and Circular Phosphorus Management in the V4 Countries with Recommendations for Future in the Area of Waste Management, Education, Sustainable Production and Consumption in V4 Countries 

Lunch Break

Session II

Maciej Sabal, AGH University of Krakow, Poland
Circular Economy Model in the Agricultural Sector in the European Union - Barriers and challenges

Mateusz Skalny, Jakub Czeremuga, Tomasz Bajda, AGH University of Krakow, Poland
Phosphate Bonding by CaCO3-iron Oxide Magnetic Particles in Wastewater Matrix

Gaweł Sołowski, Bingol University, Türkiye
Biofuels from Algaes and Microrganism

Closing session

Phosphorus as an important raw material for food production
Innovations in Phosphorus Mining and Processing
Phosphorus as a Component in Fertilisers
Phosphorus as a Climate Factor
Phosphorus in Environmental Protection
Applications of Phosphorus in Electronics
Phosphorus in Medicine
Phosphorus as a Material for Energy Storage
Phosphorus in Organic Chemistry
Phosphorus in Lighting Technology
  • Conference place: Bielany Water Treatment Plant, Księcia Józefa str. 299, Cracow, Poland or online (only for listeners)
  • Conference languageEnglish
  • Form of the presentation (on-site): 
    ▪️ Oral presentation (10 minutes: 8 minutes for presentation, 2 minutes for Q&A)
    ▪️ Poster presentation (2 minutes)
  • Certificate: for all Participants
  • Cost: free of charge
  • Registration deadline (for presenters): March 5, 2024 March 15, 2024
  • Abstract submission: March 5, 2024 March 15, 2024
  • Registration deadline (for listeners): April 11, 2024
  • Sending presentations and posters (via e-mail: April 15, 2024
  • Conference date: April 24, 2024

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Marzena Smol

Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland

Ludwig Hermann

President of the European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform (ESPP), Proman Management GmbH, Austria

Tomáš Bakalár

Technical University of Košice, Slovakia

Petro Kapustenko

Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic

Paulina Marcinek

Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland

Accompanying event
International Conference
Water and Sewage in the Circular Economy Model

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