Ludwig Hermann

Mr. Ludwig Hermann is the President of the European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform (ESPP) and specialist in Proman Management GmbH. He has over 35 years of experience as technology and business development consultant on 3 continents; co-inventor of ash decontamination and phosphorus recovery processes; co-founder CTO and CEO of ASH DEC AG; organised and supervised design, engineering and assembling of ASH DEC’s pilot plant; conceived and managed test programs and co-authored the patents EP 191803, EP 2016203, WO 20125035, WO 2013190116, WO 20135020, WO 20145029, WO 2015189333.

Yariv Cohen

Since 2007 co-founder and Head of Research and Development at EasyMining and is also a part-time researcher at SLU University in Sweden . Is a specialist in chemical separation technologies and has a long experience in phosphorus chemistry. Obtained his Doctoral Degree from SLU University in Sweden with the title “Phosphorus recovery from urban wastes and ashes”. Was awarded the 2008 Science Technology and Environmental Award from the King of Sweden Carl XVI Gustaf, for research regarding recovery of phosphorus from municipal wastes, ashes and iron ore mine wastes. Was awarded the 2019 Chemical Engineering Award from the Swedish Society of Chemical Engineers.

Damien Cazalet

Damien Cazalet is deputy head of the technical department at Veolia Wasser Deutschland GmbH. He also have more than 10 years experience as a project engineer in process and energy optimisation of municipal wastewater treatment plants. In the frame of the H2020 project Powerstep, He assessed the implementation of innovative wastewater treatment concepts in 20 municipal wastewater treatment plants in Europe with the target to make WWTPs energy-positive.