Mr. Ludwig HERMANN is the President of the European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform (ESPP) and specialist in Proman Management GmbH. He has over 35 years of experience as technology and business development consultant on 3 continents; co-inventor of ash decontamination and phosphorus recovery processes; co-founder CTO and CEO of ASH DEC AG; organised and supervised design, engineering and assembling of ASH DEC’s pilot plant; conceived and managed test programs and co-authored the patents EP 191803, EP 2016203, WO 20125035, WO 2013190116, WO 20135020, WO 20145029, WO 2015189333.


Since 2007 co-founder and Head of Research and Development at EasyMining and is also a part-time researcher at SLU University in Sweden . Is a specialist in chemical separation technologies and has a long experience in phosphorus chemistry. Obtained his Doctoral Degree from SLU University in Sweden with the title “Phosphorus recovery from urban wastes and ashes”. Was awarded the 2008 Science Technology and Environmental Award from the King of Sweden Carl XVI Gustaf, for research regarding recovery of phosphorus from municipal wastes, ashes and iron ore mine wastes. Was awarded the 2019 Chemical Engineering Award from the Swedish Society of Chemical Engineers.


Damien CAZALET is deputy head of the technical department at Veolia Wasser Deutschland GmbH. He also have more than 10 years experience as a project engineer in process and energy optimisation of municipal wastewater treatment plants. In the frame of the H2020 project Powerstep. He assessed the implementation of innovative wastewater treatment concepts in 20 municipal wastewater treatment plants in Europe with the target to make WWTPs energy-positive.


Julia TANZER is Junior Consultant at Proman Management GmbH. She is Ph.D. in water quality and resource management. Her PhD-Thesis was "Coupled assessment of phosphorus and nitrogen management in Austria". She has 3 years of experience in complex system analysis, mass flow analysis, resource and water management for regional and national governments in the context of municipal policies towards higher resource efficiency.

Sebastián HREUS

Dr. Sebastián HREUS is researcher and lecturer at Technical University of Košice (Slovakia), Institute of Geosciences. He worked 7 years for company Colas CZ, a.s. in field of mining, processing and quality control of construction aggregate. He succesfully registered basic silicate rock powder Brozit for its utilisation in forestry and agriculture. Research activities of Sebastián Hreus are connected with mineralogy and economic geology of granitoid rocks, greisens as well as hydrothermal veins.

Zoltán TOTH

Ph.D. Zoltán Tóth earned his MSc in Agronomy at Pannon University of Agricultural Sciences in 1955. He received a Ph.D. degree in Crop and Horticultural Sciences at University of Veszprém in 2021. His teaching activity includes soil management and land use, crop production, sustainable agricultural production, basics of agriculture and consequences of field technologies in plant protection. Research activities of Tóth Zoltán are connected with long-term field experiments (fertilization, residue management, soil tillage and rotation), impact of soil management on soil physical, chemical and biological properties, mitigating the effect of abiotic stress on crops by field technologies. Moreover he is partner in H2020 projects: iSQAPER, SOILCARE, LEX4BIO, SOILGUARD.


Mr. Edward SOMEUS is a Swedish upcycling engineer with core competence of zero emission processing and circular economical reuse of unexploited biomass. Operating from technology/product development driven applied research into full industrialisation and commercialisation. Converting science into market-driven industrial practice. Industrial technology/commercial product developer for recovered bio-products for biofertiliser/adsorbent applications. Specialized on integrated industrial processing/ valorisation of agri/food by-products streams by innovative high temperature pyrolysis and biotechnological means. Objective driven for industrialisation of all biochar types and economically high nutrient density recovered phosphorus products, nutrient recovery and innovative BIO-NPK-C fertilizer formulations. Specialized for EU policy and law harmonization development for Circular Economy. REACH expert for chemically modified substances, with specialization on ABC Animal Bone Char, Animal Bone Oil and biochar. Authority permit expert for full industrial scale permitting of innovative recovery technologies, including evaluation of environmental impacts, process safety, energetic efficiency. Coordinator and key S&T designer for large scale EU-RTD projects since 2002.