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  • Date: 26.05.2023 10:00
  • Location: Online Event


Building V4's resilience: Roadmap for Sustainable and Circular Phosphorus Management

Workshop will include session presenting the results of the project's scientific research, developed Roadmap for Sustainable and Circular Phosphorus Management in the V4 countries, with detailed recommendations and algorithms of actions for future. The prevention of the danger of lack of food (as a consequence of lack of P and other raw materials needed for food production) in V4 will be discussed. The Workshop is the chance to discuss the content of the Roadmap therefore the external Experts will be invited, their tips and recommendations will be taken into account in final document. It is important to organise Workshop before the final Conference because during the Conference final results of the project should be presented (including already implemented tips and recommendations given by previous workshops). The results of discussion will be the base of the publishing the scientific paper.