Today the 1st PhosV4 project workshop "Our Phosphorus Raw Materials. Our Food. Our Future - V4's resilience in the face of pandemic" (online) took place during the 2nd International Conference Strategies toward Green Deal Implementation: Water, Raw Materials & Energy. Basic information on the goals and implementation of the project was presented at the workshop. Project partners presented their institutions and the current state concerning phosphorus raw materials in their country (Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia).

We would like to thank the experts who took part in the workshops: Marzena Smol, Ludwig HermannJiří Jaromír Klemeš, Eugeniusz Koda, Peter Chrabak, Zuzana Šimková, Dominika Szołdrowska, Anna Podlasek, Tomáš Bakalár and all the listeners.

Below we present a short photo report from today's event.